Beverage Service

We provide coffee service for offsite catering. We use reusable thermal containers, not disposable boxes, as they keep the coffee fresher and hot longer than disposable boxes. We have three sizes of containers, 2.5 liter pump pots, 2.5 gallon and 5 gallon Cambros and we have several of these so we can provide up to 20 gallons of coffee at a time. Our service includes at no additional charge, creamers, sugars, stir stix and our to-go 12oz cups. We ask for a refundable deposit to ensure the return of the containers and unused condiments.

We do not deliver, the customer will need to pick up and return the containers and any unused condiments & cups when finished. Generally we need a minimum of two days (48 hours) advance notice if a large order and if a small (less than 2.5 gallons) we usually can respond within two hours or so.

We can also provide hot tea service at the same cost as coffee, but it should be noted that tea is provided by way of hot water in the same thermal containers along with an assortment of tea bags. We can provide only hot water if you are providing your own tea bags.

We can also provide, pastries, sandwiches, hot chocolate, and iced tea service on quotation basis. Please contact us if you need a quote for any of these additional products.


Please use the calculator below to estimate the amount of coffee you will need by entering the number of people being served, whether the people being served are all men or all women or mixed, the time of day and check which condiments and if cups will be needed.

Addons (No Charge)
Desired Pickup Date/Time We recommend picking up your beverages no earlier than 30 minutes before the event
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